Volunteering – an exciting adventure
Shilpa Gunawardana
14 January 2020
Volunteering as an act of enjoyment

We do engage with a lot of CSR based activities as organizations and educational institutes, where the entire process is designed as an act of enjoying a free day with friends and colleagues. This is often an activity of relaxation for people rather than a commitment. Therefore, I believe that marketing of these volunteer acts as such self-satisfying relaxing and outgoing activities is very important. The way in which associations such as AIESEC promotes volunteering as an experience gathering vacation for the young crowds, who even pay for it by themselves.

Marketing and open volunteering is not much common in countries like Sri Lanka, where with right marketing towards distinct target groups can make the entire experience sound like an “exciting adventure”

Flexing the volunteering projects into phases

There are many parties who prefer to take time off and commit for the good in their free times. But the pressure of being committed to a given project from its design to execution is beyond the limits of such individuals. Therefore, it would be more feasible to segregate projects into various phases, where people can accommodate some sessions / meetups in a weekend (or any such small period). This can be done in a scrum team format where agile ways of project management and execution is carried out.

Tapping into organizational and entrepreneurial potential

In general, the volunteering opportunities are communicated openly to the general public, where it can work in a way to attract only certain demographics of individuals. But there exists so many individuals in various sectors, who can work as project owners or scrum masters, where these leaders can bring about a lot to the table through their knowledge and resources. Accordingly, this can also influence more enthusiastic crowds to join with these movements to learn more from experts as well.

Developing a reward mechanism for the organizations to join into volunteering

Many organizations are willing to provide their products and services for various social deeds concerning flaming topics of the country. Therefore, I personally believe that these initiatives should have opportunities for companies and communities to engage with these processes as well.

Shilpa Gunawardana
14 January 2020
Shilpa Gunawardana is a final year undergraduate from University of Kelaniya. She is currently following her Bachelor's Degree in Management and Information Technology. She was also the former SPARK University Student Ambassador for Unilever in 2017 and Volunteered at the #WeAre2030 National Youth Dialogue. She is working as a Data Analyst.


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